It’s going down, I’m yelling Tinder

Horrible puns aside, I thought it was about time to discuss our current procrastination tool, source of entertainment, and downright addiction – Tinder. If you don’t know what Tinder is (first of all, I’m appalled because where have you been?), it is probably the most superficial “dating” app on the market. Linked with your facebook, your profile consists of 1-6 pictures, along with a brief tagline. Once in the app, you set your preferred mile radius and age range and voilà, before you is a ceaseless flow of guys (or girls) at your fingertips. The four of us love to sit around, our eyes glued to our phones, commentating on the interesting profiles we come across. There are some definite trends in the guys you’ll find on Tinder. Here are a few we’ve noticed:

1. The guy with the cute animal

Usually a puppy or kitten, but not excluding the occasional piggy or lion cub, guys will pose with any small animal to obtain the “awww” factor from potential mates. It’s a great convo starter – “Aw, what’s your puppy’s name??” (I must admit, I am guilty of it) – and it shows that he has a sensitive side. What’s not to like about that?


2. The guy with a cigar

It is an unspoken rule amongst men on Tinder that they must have a picture smoking a cigar. Because obviously, only manly men who are of the elite male specimen can smoke cigars.


3. The jailbait

Our downfall, because we are lowkey pedos, are these fresh faced youngins who must have stolen their mommy’s phones and downloaded this app whilst snickering and drinking chocolate milk. Okay…they may not be that young, but c’mon man, there’s no way you’re 18. You best delete your app before Chris Hansen starts knockin at my door.

20140311-221958.jpg 20140311-232827.jpg 20140311-232745.jpg20140311-232835.jpg

Nice bio, Tyler.

4. The “I’m standing next to hot girls – therefore I am desirable” guy

We get it. SooOooOoo many girls want the D. Therefore, we too must want the D. Congrats, you figured us out. #MaleLogic

20140311-222506.jpg 20140311-222524.jpg 20140311-232604.jpg 20140311-232611.jpg

5. The guy in the group pic aka “I hope he’s the hot one”

Possibly the most frustrating, the guy with the group pic as his main picture is akin to Russian roulette. As you open his page, a silent prayer goes out to the deity of your choosing. Even worse, if all of his pictures are group pictures, you must decide if you dare take the leap of faith in swiping right.

20140311-232655.jpg 20140311-232633.jpg 20140311-232541.jpg 20140311-222735.jpg 20140311-222513.jpg

6. The guy with the shirtless mirror pic.

Okay, we know that this app is mostly for hookups, and we get that you have a hot bod, but please leave these on myspace. It’s really not that hard to have someone else take the picture for you, is it?

20140311-232808.jpg 20140311-232710.jpg 20140311-232752.jpg 20140311-232643.jpg 20140311-232512.jpg

7. The guy with the cool car.

Another age-old tactic for pulling the ladies. From muscle car to sportscar to vw van (which let’s be real, is obviously the coolest), guys love to post pictures of themselves in/on/around/in front of their ‘whip.’

20140311-232801.jpg 20140311-232723.jpg 20140311-232739.jpg 20140311-232716.jpg 20140311-232526.jpg 20140311-223434.jpg 20140311-222452.jpg

8. The celebrity flaunter

These guys know what’s up. A buddy pic with Harry may or may not catch our interest. Ok. It works. And ok. We’d totally do too.

20140311-222419.jpg 20140311-221943.jpg 20140311-222409.jpg

9. The wannabe model

You know which ones we’re talking about here. The ones that make you want to cry because they’re prettier than you could ever hope to be. We get a lot of these in Los Angeles. Eye candy at it’s finest.

20140311-222005.jpg 20140311-222439.jpg 20140311-232557.jpg 20140311-232547.jpg 20140311-232816.jpg

10. The casual celeb

These come when you least expect them. You’re swiping, swiping, swiping, then “WTF IS THAT BEANS?” From the semi-famous youtuber to the actor on a hit show, no one is immune to the allure of Tinder. And trust us – if you have a Tinder, we WILL find it.

20140311-222403.jpg 20140311-222747.jpg 20140311-222605.jpg 20140311-222635.jpg 20140311-222701.jpgunnamed

And finally, the plain ole “wtf”

Sometimes, there’s just no explanation.

20140311-232618.jpg 20140311-222533.jpg 20140311-222543.jpg 20140311-232940.jpg

Luis’ bio is what’s important here.

Picture 138

Tinder, we love you. Thank you for countless hours of amusement.


5 Reasons We Love The One Direction/5 Seconds of Summer Tour Combo

As you might have heard, Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer recently announced that they will be joining One Direction on the North American leg of the 2014 Where We Are Tour. This will be the second tour in which fans will witness both bands on the same stage.

Some aren’t fond of the decision for a couple reasons. Some say One Direction should try a new support act, while others say that 5SOS needs to get out of One Direction’s shadow. What ever the reason against the decision, however, we feel we must respectfully disagree.

These two bands in a tour together is what dreams are made of. Here’s 5 reasons why this announcement is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to us.

Reason #1: Getting two for the price of one.

This combination is great for fans on a basic level for two reasons. The first is financially – we all know these tickets are expensive, but we’re getting so much more for our money when we’re seeing TWO of our favorite bands perform. The other is time-wise – we won’t feel like we’re wasting our time sitting through an opening band we don’t care about when we love the opening band.

What we’re getting to here is that every night, we’ll see not only this:

One Direction kick off their Take Me Home World Tour at London's O2 Arena with a matinee show

But this too.


Reason #2: The Return of Michael and Harry.

No one can deny the uncanny chemistry between Harry Styles and Michael Clifford. These two have the most cuddly, adorable, borderline gay friendship in the modern music industry, and who doesn’t want to see that again? Between Harry vining Michael on stage and the Twitter courtship of Camila Cabello, (don’t pretend you weren’t entertained) these two are on a whole new level of close.




Reason #3: Niall, the 5th second of summer.

One of the best parts of this partnership is the love affair between Niall and 5 Seconds of Summer. Niall’s pretty obsessed, (like let’s be real Niall was the one spearheading the decision to have 5sos on the tour again) and nobody else complains about it because it’s just so darn cute.

For example, Niall loves these boys so much that they’re selfie-worthy.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 4.33.11 PM

And I mean, they love him right back. Look at that love. LOOK AT IT.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 4.33.30 PM

Reason #4: Group photos.

Self-explanatory reason. 9/9 makes for a good picture.





Reason #5: On-stage shenanigans.

Arguably the best part of One Direction and 5SOS on tour together is the crazy pranks they pull during shows. These lads  are all close friends, and therefore aren’t phased by huge crowds in order to have a little…fun.

There was the prank during Kiss You in Manchester, which you can watch here, and let’s not forget 5SOS storming the stage during Teenage Dirtbag, which you can see here.

All in all, we think that WWA is going to be amazing with these two bands running the show. Now you tell us- are you excited? Do you like that 5sos is supporting 1D again? Leave it in a comment below!

Until next time,


7 Times Zayn Took Over Twitter via Selfie

We all know that Zayn Malik is a man of few tweets. There are periods of days, even weeks, where we don’t hear from him (remember the infamous “he drowned in the bath” joke?) That being said, when Zayn does tweet, he packs a punch; usually in the form of selfie, which can genuinely feel like a punch in the gut the first time you open the picture. Below are seven times Zayn’s face literally caused a worldwide meltdown on the internet.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.33.33 AM

One of the first selfie-attacks Zayn launched on Twitter was innocent- he was simply asking for advice. Should that be his profile picture, he asked. The response, however, was probably not what he desired. Instead of “yes” or “no”‘s, millions of tweeters took one look at his morose, model-like side stare and replied “OH MYGOB ZAYNB”

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.33.48 AM

Next up is an artfully-crafted selfie of Zayn pensively looking down. This, along with the blonde streak, good watch, and slight-blurriness screams cool and sent half the twitter population spiraling downward to their untimely demise. Just because of one tweet.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.34.01 AM

Zayn??? Babies??? DA GODFATHER??? SMILE??? This is all too much. I need a minute.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.34.12 AM

For a while, Zayn was really inactive on Twitter- not even posting the sporadic selfie. So, it was extra painful when Zayn returned after a long break and posted this- a selfie complete with facial hair, black shirt, intense stare, and reptile. This was greeted with such excitement that most of my timeline was just “ZAYN” in all caps. That was all anyone could say. It was that beautiful.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.34.22 AM

With One Direction getting a few weeks off, we really didn’t expect much from Zayn’s twitter. But then, a few days after he turned 21, he posts this bad boy, completely with family members, cute hashtag, and cheekbones that could cut through steaks. That’s enough now boy, we’re going to need a break from this.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.34.33 AM

But alas, instead of a break, we get not one, but two beautiful selfies not even 10 days later. If you needed any proof that Zayn Malik is the undeniable selfie king, this was it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.34.42 AM

Literally so done. Why can’t all boys be as pretty as him?

Until next time. -M

TBHT Update – PCH with Harry and his Benz

If you haven’t heard (but I’m sure you have), Harry made Los Angeles his new stomping grounds for the first month of this fantastic year of 2014. Coming on three weeks, we had begun to lose hope of spotting his bandana-clad self moseying around town.

Then, last Monday, I got a text from Meg saying she had a feeling about tonight.

A Harry feeling?

We couldn’t be sure but we decided to head over to Shamrock for some tattoos we’d wanted to get.

Then it all happened. We were tipped off he’d been eating at a restaurant in Malibu. We bolted to my car and drove about 90 down PCH – making it from Weho to Malibu in a record 25 minutes. When we walked by the lot of the restaurant and saw his vintage Mercedes, we knew we were in the right place.

Meeting Harry was the highlight of this already eventful year. He passed a group of us on the way to his car. My roommate Julian was quick to stick his hand out to introduce himself.

“Hi, I’m Julian”

“Hi, I’m Harry.”

Whoa. We had no idea.

We posed for a group picture, Courtney Cox grabbing Ann-Rachel’s phone for what ended up being a flash to focus the lens but no picture…(it’s ok, Monica, we forgive you…kind of). Luckily, a fan’s mom snapped a pic.


Isn’t he just a ray of sunshine??

Hopping back into our car, we realize PCH is the only way back to the tattoo shop and what a coincidence, Harry’s heading back that way as well.

We pull up next to him, playing our favorite 1975 song, and he waves and smiles (please excuse the minor freakout):

We drive down PCH, our little nugget still in sight for a good 10 minutes until he turns to head home.

For a usual speed-demon, he seemed to be enjoying his casual drive with the sparkling beach view.

We get it Harry, you love Los Angeles.

That’s okay though, Los Angeles loves you too.


What’s Up With TBHT?

Hey guys!

With the One Direction Where We Are tour approaching faster and faster, we’ve been focusing on starting up everything we’ve planned for TBHT- we have our blog, we have our Twitter, and now we’re adding a Youtube Channel to the mix!

This channel will at first feature some tour-preparation videos and videos we’ll call “TBH” videos. (but you’ll just have to wait and see what those are!) When the WWA Tour comes around, this is where we’ll be posting our tour vlogs. We’re so excited to share this with you guys and can’t wait to start working on the videos!

This is our new Youtube Channel.

And, as a reminder, this is our Twitter.

And in case you want to keep up with us individually on social media, here are the places you can find our personals:

Ann Rachel - Twitter | Instagram

Sophia - Twitter | Instagram

Julia - Twitter | Instagram

Meg - Twitter | Instagram

Our Favorite Bands of 2013

Since 2013 has now come and gone, I wanted to write a post reflecting on our favorite bands this past year. I was wondering; what was it, exactly, that lead us to pick certain bands above the thousands in 2013? Well, I think I’ve figured it out. Take a listen :)

1. The Neighbourhood

One of the bands to capture our attention this year was The Neighbourhood, an LA based band with a sound that can be described as alternative, but it’s deeper than that.


What I think makes the Neighbourhood so good is that the music makes you feel; when you listen to their music, when watch their strictly black and white visuals, you get put into a mood. It’s a cut above just listening. Personally, I either have to listen to just their music in a playlist, or not listen to it at all. It can’t mix, because you have to allow yourself to be put into the trance that you fall into.

It’s amazing that music can have such an intense effect, and that’s why the Neighbourhood is one of our favorite bands this year.

2. 5 Seconds of Summer

Next up is the Sydney, Australia band that really hit it big this year- 5 Seconds of Summer. These boys caught our attention as the opening act on One Direction’s Take Me Home tour and kept it, despite not even having an album out. Their loud, brash, pop-punk style is so captivating because it’s music that makes us remember. 


When people our age were in the young, rebellious, I’m-13-and-therefore-always-right stage, pop-punk and punk-rock were EVERYTHING. Now, we can listen to 5sos’ music while living the way we DREAMED of when we were 13 (read: not under our parent’s supervision).

3. The 1975

Around the middle of the year, a band cropped up that not only stole our hearts, but our minds; the 1975. With an album that took ten years’ careful constructed and the style to prove it, the guys of the 1975 produced music that made us think. Their style, their show, and their words challenge us to try to fully understand what the meaning is.


Lead singer, Matthew Healy, discusses his ideas and interviews and will captivate you with his intelligence. What we love so much about the 1975 is that you are not only left satisfied but also stimulated by what you had previously just thought was, well, a song.

4. One Direction

Wrapping up our favorite bands as our absolute favorite of this year is, of course, One Direction. Let’s be real- they probably would have ended up the favorite no matter what, but they truly earned the spot this year.

This year, the band that has held our hearts for years hosted a worldwide arena tour, won countless awards, got even more tattoos, released new music videos, stopped for pictures, held 1DDay, and even experimented with lilac hair dye.

But the most important thing happened on November 25th, when their new album, Midnight Memories, was released. The boyband that had previously been known for their bubblegum pop sound shocked millions with the release of a record that was half 80′s rock, half folk influenced. With this sudden, mature change, One Direction reminded us of why we love them so much.

tumblr_myivv5iUNa1s5w064o1_500 tumblr_myivv5iUNa1s5w064o6_500

Since the start of this band, the great thing about them is that they’re our age, so as they become adults, so do we. Together, we charter the unknown waters between adolescence and adulthood. And now, with this new album, we have music that helps us look ahead.

Can’t wait for 2014!

Until next time,


13 Times We Couldn’t Handle 2013

Here is a recap of the 13 times in 2013 we just could not handle the lads of 1D,  as they reminded the female population of the world just how perfect they really are.

We just couldn’t handle it.

1) That time in February 2013 when Harry Styles turned 19 years old and was so drunk he had to be carried home, and thus was crowned Princess of London.


2)  The many hairstyles of Zayn Malik (RIP skunk quiff). (via 1D lovershere)

3) The name’s Beckham, Liam…….Beckham.

tumblr_mxm3zyIZ8R1t6it1ho1_500 tumblr_mxnkej6HSU1qliq8lo1_500

(yeah, I saw you do a double take)

4) The fans at Greg Horan’s Wedding…. (um no)

niall-horan-fans-wedding tumblr_mkcd4pmBxl1s7fvxfo3_1280

5) The tears are real in Ghana….

(meanwhile I’m like..)

6) Mr. and Mrs. Little Mix – CONGRATS!

Now go buy Little Mix’s new album out in February.

7. Take Me Home – mainly the tour, although I mean it literally too…

8. Somebody goes lilac – when punk edits become reality.

9. Snake habitat – one of many notable Liam Payne tweets. Thanks for looking out, bro.

(via rippedliam tumblr)

10. He wore an itty bitty (not) teeny weeny yellow polka dot boxer bikini!

Nothing was ever the same.

11. And the award for the LUCKIEST reptile in the world goes to………. ARNIE EDWARDS-MALIK. I was so distracted by his piercing eyes and impeccable facial hair I almost didn’t see the lizard ATTACHED TO HIS NECK.

Who knew it was possible to be jealous of a lizard? New low.

12. Midnight Memories: the pivotal life-changing EAR DANGLING performance. Everything starts out normal… the camera pans from boy to boy..

and then we noticed the guyliner Zayn and the turtleneck he was sporting…




It is official. They become the rock band they have aspired to be.

13. And finally…..TALK DIRTY TO ME







I still watch this daily.

BONUS:  Oh and we need not forget a very sweaty pectoral-twitching Harry….




Well here’s to you 2013, we are officially


The Best Of: Jesse Rutherford’s Tweets

Something I like about Jesse from The Neighbourhood is that, no matter how deep and poetic his songs are, his tweets are hilarious. I’m serious. They’re killer. I always end up going to his page if I’m bored to read through for a laugh, and I figured I’d share some of the best ones with you guys.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 12.25.15 AM

I don’t know, it’s just funny. A million waukees. It makes no sense…yet I’m still giggling?

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 12.29.30 AM

I think Jesse and I might have the same mom. Not positive yet.

 Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 12.20.54 AM

Jesse attempts to find the meaning behind .html

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 12.29.51 AM

Any artist that makes fun at his own fame is a keeper.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 12.20.29 AM

#ugh #ihatewhenthathappens #knockedovermyskinnyvanillalatte

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 12.18.23 AM

I’m not even in on the joke but I’m laughing anyway.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 12.18.33 AMI don’t know why it’s funny, it just is…

I didn’t really comment on these….but I think their humor is self evident. If you ever need a day-brightener….try this twitter. Until next time!


Snapchat Sunday II

Seeing as we haven’t done a Snapchat Sunday in a while (and it’s currently just past midnight in my timezone) I figured I’d post one.

This picture is of Sophia, expressing something we all think about Monday-Friday. The weekend.

Our weekends usually consist of sleeping in ridiculously late, taking three hours to get ready, and leaving the house by about 4 or 5 to go do something in West Hollywood or Hollywood. Then we stay out ridiculously late and rinse, lather, repeat.