Winter Fashion Haul (Meg and Sophia)


In LA, seasons don’t really exist. But this doesn’t stop us from shopping for winter clothes….especially since One Direction will be here soon and we want to look cool.

Sophia and I went to the Grove today (and I went to H+M the other day) so this is what we got! Sophia would like to add that due to a recent trip to Vegas with the 1975 and my existing mostly-black clothing policy, this haul is overwhelmingly dark.

So first up is Topshop. We weren’t planning on buying much originally, but they were having this HUGE sale where there were racks of stuff 50% off.


Sophia bought a t-shirt (that looks like one Harry owns) ((that is from the women’s section)), a plaid and black leather skirt, and some gold rings. My favorite is the question mark ring :)


I ended up getting black leather leggings, a light blue cropped tank top, a black skirt with gold zippers, and a printed top.

Next was Forever 21:


Sophia got three things from Forever 21: A black knit sweater with gold studs on the shoulders, glittery eyelashes, (hashtag holiday season) and a denim jacket with gray sweatshirt-like sleeves and hood.


My purchases from Forever 21 included a black jacket, a varsity jacket (because I only have one jacket out here and was in desperate need), a black football-style jersey that says “LA” on it, a gold necklace with a teal stone, some gold rings, and some socks :)

Finally….my trip to H+M included a sheer black top, tights, a gray beanie with an “L” on it (for my last name) and some patterned black shorts to wear with the tights.


So there we are! Hope you guys liked reading this. We’ll occasionally have some fashion/style/beauty posts on here because we love that kind of thing so hope you don’t mind!



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